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Our Staff Team

Our Class Names are based on the teacher's initials which are detailed in the list below, where two teachers job-share a class, then both initials are used in the class name eg SB/JA

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Teaching Team  - September 2023
Mrs L Cann


Designated Safeguarding Lead; CPD;  Assessment; Ambassador Lead

Mrs L Hall  (LH)

Deputy Headteacher; ADSL; Health & Safety; Mental Health Lead; Online Safety; MDSA manager; KS2 Teacher (Temporary KS2 Lead)

Mrs K Mawson  (KM)

EYFS & KS1 Lead Teacher; ADSL;   Music;  Curriculum; Friends Link

Mrs C Cooper (CC)

SENDCo;  LAC;  TA Line Manager;  ADSL

Mrs J Ambrose (part-time)  (JA)

KS2 Teacher;

Modern Foreign Languages lead 

Mrs S Beddow (part-time)  (SB)

KS2 Teacher

History lead

Mrs M Brady  (MB)

EYFS Teacher


Mrs S Brown  (SBr)

KS2 Teacher 

Science lead

Ms M Brierley

(part-time) (MBr)

KS2 Teacher 

DT lead

Mrs H Hawkins (part-time)  (HH)

KS2 Teacher 

EAL lead

Mrs K Hewer (was Miss Blowers)  (KH)

KS1 Teacher

PE lead; Play Leaders

Mrs C Hopkins  (CH)

EYFS Teacher - Nursery

Worship Lead

Mrs C Rolfe  (CR)

KS2 Teacher 

Geography lead

Mrs D Rogers (DR)

KS1 Teacher

English lead

Mr M Snowden  (MS)

KS2 Teacher

Computing lead

Miss J Turner  (JT)

KS1 Teacher

Art lead

Mrs K Venton (part-time)  (KV)

KS2 Teacher

RE lead

Miss V Whipps  (VW)

KS2 Teacher

Maths lead; Eco Council lead

Mrs J Colchester

Regular Supply Teacher

Office Team 
Mrs C Miller  Office Manager & Admissions Manager
Ms M Sidney School Business Manager
Miss H Simpson  Administrator
Mrs T Staff Receptionist & Administrator
Teaching Assistants & other Support Staff 
Miss H Berry  
Miss K Bazley
Mrs W Borg Higher Level TA
Mr J Castell Sports Coach & Higher Level TA
Miss G Christie
Mrs L Crittenden
Miss J Dineen  
Miss A Cudmore Early Years - Nursery
Miss N Elliott
Miss C Felgate
Mrs T Harris Cover Supervisor
Mrs E Jenkins Cookery
Mrs S Lucas Cover Supervisor
Miss G Mann
Mrs S Morgan
Mr D Mulrenan Cover Supervisor
Miss S Wright
Mrs B Sears Cover Supervisor
Miss J Stace  
Mrs T Skeggs Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Snowden

Family Liaision Partner

see more about her role here

Mrs L Whitfield
Mrs S White
Midday Supervisors 
Miss D Ashwell
Mrs L Cotton  
Miss N Elliott
Mrs N Hill  
Ms A Lawrence
Ms K Meadows
Miss M Perry
Mrs Y Russell  
Other School Teams 
Mrs N Hill School Crossing Patrol
Mr Colin Kerry Caretaker / Cleaner
Mrs L Aldred Cook in Charge
Mrs V Whatmough Assistant Cook
Ms A Geaves Kitchen Assistant



  • 6           VW        Miss Whipps
  • 5/6        SBr        Mrs Brown
  • 5           SB/JA     Mrs Beddow & Mrs Ambrose
  • 4/5        KV         Mrs Venton 
  • 4           MS         Mr Snowden
  • 3/4        CR         Mrs Rolfe
  • 3           HH/MBr   Mrs Hawkins & Ms Brierley



  • 1/2           DR        Mrs Rogers
  • 1/2           KH         Mrs Hewer
  • 1/2           JT          Miss Turner


YEAR                    CLASS    TEACHER

  • Reception         MB         Mrs Brady
  • Reception/Y1    KM         Mrs Mawson
  • Nursery             Nursery  Mrs Hopkins


Staff Bereavement

We are very sad to inform families that following a very short illness, Mrs. Harold has sadly passed away on 25 February 2024.  Mrs. Harold was one of our wonderful teaching assistants in Class SB/JA, and has been a much-loved friend and teaching assistant at our school for 20 years.  She was a genuinely caring, helpful and kind-hearted member of our school family, always putting the children first, and will be truly missed by everyone who knew her.