Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's CEVA Primary School

Framlingham Sir Robert Hitcham's CEVA Primary School and Nursery

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Published Equality Information


Children are aged from 3 – 11 and the school has a Published Admission number (PAN) of 50 per year group.

Currently no children are taught outside the expected year group for their age.


Accessibility issues have been addressed with ramps and lifts as alternative access to steps. There are no disabled members of staff.

An accessible disabled toilet is available.

There are no pupils whose long term health issues have impact on attendance.

Gender Reassignment

No data at present.


The school is mainly white British with a small number of pupils from other ethnic background.

The school has reported no racist incidents over the last year.

There is no pattern of underachievement for any B.M.E. children

There have been no extended authorised absence for pupils to visit relatives overseas.

Religion or Belief

We are a Christian School

Of the data recorded on SIMS, we have 3 Muslim children.


Of the children with Statements of SEN 2 are boys and 1 is a girl.

The vast majority of the school staff is female.

In Reception, Years 4 & 5 there are more boys than girls

Sexual Orientation

No data about the sexual orientation of pupils, parents or staff is collected or held by the school. Were it to be communicated to the school regarding a pupil, it would be recorded in the pupils’s personal file.  (Source: Anecdotal)

Marriage and Civil Partnership

When information about changes in marital status or home circumstances is communicated to school, it is recorded in the pupils personal file. No data is collated by the school about staff or parents’ material status, apart from names given for home contact and information about whether letters home or reports are able to be duplicated and sent to two addresses.

Pregnancy and Maternity

1  member of staff has been on maternity leave this year.

The school has developed flexible policies with regard to returning to work and flexible arrangements regarding emergencies relating to children, childcare and parenting.


4.6 % of children receive free school meals.

Vulnerable Groups

There are currently 2 looked after children on roll.

Bullying and Discrimination

All bullying issues are logged.

No data is recorded about the prevalence of, for example identity based bullying, homophobic language or gender based bullying.

January 2016