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Music Tuition

We have a wide range of music lessons and clubs available to pupils in Key Stage 2.

Wind and brass

The school buys into the County Music Service (CMS) scheme to give all Year 4 pupils the opportunity to play an instrument (usually a clarinet, cornet or flute) at no cost to parents. 

The children have their own instrument on loan for a year, and receive weekly class lessons with a CMS tutor. For those with an aptitude for the instrument who wish to continue, the school can then employ the tutor to continue the following year with small group lessons (which are chargeable to parents). Children can also take these lessons through the Music For Schools Foundation, which sends one of its qualified music tutors to lead weekly lessons (also chargeable to parents)  for Year 3 to Year 6 pupils.


We employ a qualified music tutor to lead weekly violin lessons for pupils in Year 3 to Year 6. once a week. These lessons are during school hours and for small groups of up to 4 pupils, or individuals. The lessons are chargeable.


The County Music Service provides an experienced guitar tutor to teach here weekly, again for pupils in Year 3 to Year 6. The lessons are chargeable. Guitar application form 2017.


 Mrs Mawson leads our school orchestra, which runs weekly after school and is open to pupils in any year who are at least Grade 1 standard.

The orchestra performs at various events throughout the school year.


Mrs Mawson also runs the lunchtime singing club for pupils in Year 3 to Year 6.  The children often perform at services at St Michael's Church and at events throughout the school year.

Boys Choir

We are very lucky to have the voluntary services of Drew Cantrell, conductor of Phoenix Singers, for our boys choir.  Mrs Mawson works with Mr Cantrell in coaching the boys, who are selected via auditions.


Our year 3 pupils, who do not receive CMS lessons, have weekly class recorder lessons and are able to keep the school instrument for the year to practice at home.  This enables them to learn to read music and develop the essential skills needed to play an instrument.


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