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Get Involved - supporting your child & the school

The school truly values the support we get from our parents & carers – whether it is helping your child’s learning at home, joining our school-led events or taking on a voluntary role in our school.

Supporting your child’s learning at home

How to help your child / home learning sheets

  • Teachers share a Class letter, a How to Help your Child Sheet or a Topic Home Learning sheet with parents near the start of each term/half term
  • These give parents indications of the areas your child will be learning about and how you can support them at home.
  • Even just engaging your child in conversation about their topic will enforce their learning.
  • If you have any questions about the information please speak to the teacher directly.
  • These will be shared via ParentMail, also saved on the Our Learning section of the website. Year 3-6 children put a hardcopy in their Topic book.

Target sharing meeting

  • This is a valuable opportunity for the teacher to share with you how your child has settled at the start of the year, and to highlight their learning targets and challenges for the rest of the year, in order for you to better support them at home.
  • Parents can discuss any barriers their child may be experiencing with their learning and the teacher’s will look at in-school support where needed.
  • These occur before the October half term, and parents sign up through ParentMail, - teachers would expect to have a meeting for every child.

Parent teacher consultation

  • The teacher will share how your child has progressed since Target Sharing, and will discuss learning areas they should continue to focus on in school and at home.
  • The event gives parents the opportunity to see your child’s class and look through their work books, as well as the work on display.
  • These occur just after the February half term, and parents sign up through ParentMail - teachers would expect to have a meeting for every child.

Parent support sessions

  • Phonics? Online Safety? Maths!!! Topic areas like these can be daunting to parents wishing to help their child.
  • Our aim is to arm parents with the information needed to be able to understand more.
  • Sessions are advertised in school newsletters, and will usually take place in the hall at the start of a school day.
  • Follow-up information from the sessions is shared through ParentMail and on our website.

Spending time with us in school

Share sessions

  • During the year parents are invited to spend an afternoon with their child doing shared activities in their class.
  • Often the events will be topic based, but will always be a fun experience for parents and children.
  • Not only does this give you the chance to spend time with your child in their learning environment, it also gives you the ability to see first-hand how your child interacts with their peers and the teaching staff in class.

Story time or Stay & Play sessions

  • Reception and Nursery parents can come along to enjoy Story Time or Stay & Play sessions with their child.
  • It’s a great way to see them in their daily learning environment and to see them play with their class mates.

‘Walkabout’ display tour

  • In the Summer term parents and other family members including younger siblings, are invited to look round at the end of a school day.
  • Enjoy the wonderful work displayed in the classes & corridors, and give your child the opportunity to showcase their talents to their family.
  • There may be club and music activities taking place too which you’re welcome to watch

Meet the new teacher

  • In July parents will be invited to a group session to meet the teaching team that their child will be with the following year, and will get to see the classrooms.
  • Teachers will share information and guidance about procedures, expectations and any specific key stage points for the children.
  • As well as this, the teachers will give indications of topics for the year and home learning activities.
  • This will arm parents with information to support their child over the summer holiday and to help ready them for the new school year.

New year first week Class peek

  • When the children start in their new classes in September, they love to have their parents pop in quickly after pick up so they can show you their classroom.
  • Many parents enjoy being able to visualise where your child will be learning in the day.

Reception Parent Meetings

  • Starting school can also be daunting for parents new to primary schooling.
  • It’s great for us to be able to give parents of our 50 Reception children the opportunity to meet each other and chat about anything – school related or otherwise - in the first term.
  • A few members of the school team, the Friends and a Parent Governor are on hand to answer any questions, but it’s mainly about the parents making new connections.

Keeping you in the loop


  • Our Friday Newsletters are the best place to keep up to date with what’s going on
  • It includes details of events and activities in school, including information about what your child may need to remember to do, to wear or to bring in!
  • They’re sent by ParentMail, and copies are uploaded to the website.

Facebook Page & School Blog

  • We post frequently through the week so families can enjoy reports on the children’s learning or events in school.
  • We love to hear your comments on our posts too.
  • Do follow our Facebook page
  • Alternately we duplicate the reports on our School Blog


Seeking your views

We continuously seek to improve the service we provide to our families and your feedback is essential to us.


  • Throughout the time that your child is with us, we’ll ask for your opinions on different elements of school life, your responses will be used to shape how we move the school forward.

‘Wow!’ feedback

  • We love to hear all the positive and affirming messages parents give through our Facebook page or ‘WOW!’ feedback online or postcard route, so please continue to do this.

Hoping for more of your time!

  • Why not Volunteer in class - with things like reading, cookery, school trips?
  • Perhaps join the committee of the Friends Association to help raise funds for the school while organising fun and enjoyable social events for pupils and parents?
  • Or maybe put yourself forward to join the Governing Body the next time that a Parent Governor position is vacant?