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The areas within mathematics are:

Number and Place value; Addition and Subtraction; Multiplication and Division; Fractions (which includes Decimals and Percentages in Upper Key Stage 2); Measurement; Geometry (Properties of Shape); Geometry (Position and Direction) and Statistics.  Year 6 also include Ratio and Proportion and Algebra.

Within the school we recognise the importance of talking through maths problems and encourage children in their problem solving skills and ability to talk about their learning.

Curriculum Overview Statement for Mathematics

Maths Curriculum for Year 1; Year 2;   Year 3;   Year 4;  Year 5;   Year 6

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Formal Written Methods -  Key Stage 2

Problem Solving Steps Flowchart - Key Stage 2

Methods for Key Stage 1 (awaiting content)            

Video Demonstrations: 

 The videos below are relevant for ONLY YEAR 6 PUPILS in  2018/19.

Addition column method


Subtraction column method


Multilpication column method


Division bus stop


Measures Fact File

Maths Word Problems


Shape and Space links:

Angles Activities

What's my Angle?

3 D Shapes

Sorting Shapes Game


Other useful links:

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Visual Fractions

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