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This subject incorporates the world we live in and our place in that world. 


During the Foundation Stage, pupils begin to develop geographical skills. They learn about the immediate locality and other regions around the world using a cross-curricular approach. We provide the children with a variety of practical learning experiences, using both the indoor and outdoor classrooms. 

At Key Stage 1, children develop their geographical skills by learning about Framlingham and a contrasting locality. They learn through practical experiences, a variety of resources and educational visits. 

At Key Stage 2, there is a 4-year cycle of topics. During each year, the pupils acquire skills and knowledge by learning about particular regions. Throughout this cycle, they will continually compare with a local area. 

The resources used include maps, plans, atlases, globes, photographs, the internet and field trips.

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Geography Resources                                                                                   


  Google Maps

  Mapping Skills

  English Heritage

  The National Trust


  Ordinance Survey

  Met Office

  The Wildlife Trust


  Environment Agency

  Woodlands Resources

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