Sport Premium

PE and School Sport - Sir Robert Hitcham’s CEVAP School  2014-2015                           

In April 2013 the government announced funding for physical education (PE) and school sport. The school should receive approximately £9,600 per year over the next two school years. This money is in addition to the school’s budget and is ring fenced; with the aim of improving the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.

High Quality Outcomes for 2015-2016

Last year we received £9,330 from the government’s PE and school sport funding initiative.

The significant proportion of the money was spent on a specialist sports coach who was able to work alongside teaching staff, supporting and enhancing their delivery of high quality curricular PE lessons throughout the school year and embracing a full range of seasonal sporting activities.

This investment led to the provision of highly popular and successful extra curricular sports opportunities which in turn allowed the school to send sports teams to compete in a variety of competitions across the County. Participation in these events builds pupils confidence and teamwork skills and leads them to interact with a wider group outside of their usual class sphere. It allows children to shine regardless of their academic ability and has an impact on their enthusiasm and involvement with school as a whole.

During this year Sir Robert Hitcham’s became district winners in Boys Cricket; Girls Cricket; Boys Hockey; Girls Hockey; Swimming and Cross Country. Our boys’ cricket team were also County runners up.  Our newly formed girls’ netball club has been well received, and measures will be put in place to further support this sport next year.

In addition, every pupil took part in a series of regular yoga sessions with an approved professional, which aimed to develop pupils’ awareness of the link between physical skills and mental wellbeing.

We have been able to take advantage of the swimming facilities offered by Framlingham College for a swimming
 gala, and in addition to upper KS2 curricular provision, years 3 and 4 have received a series of lessons and year 2 pupils have benefited from ‘taster’ sessions in the pool.

We have continued to upgrade and replace sports equipment as needed, including the purchase of football goal posts, nets and corner flags. Footballs, netballs and tennis balls are also replaced frequently.

            Sport Premium Action Plan