Parent Council

The aim of the Parent Council is to share information, and strengthen communication, between parents and the school.  

The Parent Council meets every half term, allowing the parents who have volunteered to represent each class to join with the Headteacher and a  Governor to share information. 

See the Parent Council's Terms of Reference and Communication policy. 

Parent Council Members 2017-2018

  • Louise Kindred (JT) - Parent Council Coordinator
  • Gemma Berry  (LC)
  • Shannon Noy  (AB)
  • Debbie Noble  (LH)
  • Donna Lavery  (Nursery)
  • Elena Howard  (CH)
  • Bridget Sears  (RH)
  • Vicky Langford  (KVJA)
  • Lisa Hall (VW)
  • Anna Hardy (SC)
  • Julia Nathan (JC)


    Louise       Gemma        Shannon       Debbie        Julia          Bridget

Next Meeting date TBC

If you have anything you’d like your Class Representative to raise at a meeting, please contact them a few weeks in advance.

Please find below links to the Minutes of the Parent Council meetings: